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We provide specialized uniforms and associated branding for all industries including hospitality, health and beauty, animal health, aged care, service centres, agriculture, laboratories etc.

Uniforms Are More Than Just Clothes To Wear At Work

We all know that people make judgments based on appearance, and that a first impression will last the longest. So as soon as customers and prospects see your employees, they begin making judgments about your business; its professionalism, trustworthiness, organization, and quality.

Company uniforms are simple and cost effective advertising. Embroidered company logos on stylish uniforms will encourage brand recognition and help people remember who you are.

A Top Stitch Work uniform will help to identify your employees, reducing security risks and putting your customers at ease. Your uniforms can even be color coded by department, and embroidered with the employees name and your company logo. We will ensure that your staff are dressed in garments that are appropriate for the job, whether your industry has compliance regulations or other safety requirements.

Talk to us today to find the best solution in uniforms for your industry.