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Blank Hoodies - Ready to Print

Need a hoodie to print your logo onto? Maybe you have created the perfect design and you would like to share it with the world. Top Stitch has a large range of great quality blank hoodies available, ready to embroider or print your image. Our suppliers make many different styles of blank Hoodies with many color choices available for you to select from. This allows you to easily personalize a hoodie to your requirements and feature your own design, logo or statement.

With our in-house services, we are ready to add by embroidery, screen print, sublimate print or Direct to Garment print your own design or add a logo to your choice of blank hoodie. Branding hoodies with your own company name and logo takes professional to the next level. 


A hoodie is simply a sweatshirt fitted with an integral hood. The hood usually has a drawstring to adjust the hood opening. Most hoodies feature one large kangaroo pocket in the front, so that you can fit both hands in it to keep warm. However as hoodies have gained so much popularity, there are lot more variations available now. Zipped front, buttoned front, two pockets or no pockets and many colour choices are available.

Hoodies really took off in the 1970s, with the youth driven punk and hip hop culture, graffiti artists, skateboarders and surfers. They found that it offered cool anonymity and vague menace, and they also kept you warm.

What File Format should I use for printing my hoodie?

Artwork should be of medium to hi resolution. A 200 dpi minimum applies, but it will look better at 300 dpi. Please be aware that the majority of images that you find on the internet are 72 dpi and are far too low a resolution to be suitable for printing. Unless you're into blobs.

We prefer the artwork to be in any of the following formats; CorelDraw, PDF, Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop. We can use most file types, but prefer EPS, PDF, PNG or Hi Res JPEG, with a transparent background to get the best result. Some formats will need to be recreated and there may be a graphic design fee associated.

Contact us for more information about adding a logo or graphic to your selection of hoodie by embroidery or printing.