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Custom Tee's and Street Wear

Custom Tees

Print your own distinctive clothing. Simply customize one of our blank tee-shirts or hoodies with graphics, a logo or text. Choose from our wide choice of garments in store, and we will customize your very own personal t-shirt.

  • If you can dream it up...
  • We will make it happen...
  • Got a clever line to insert...
  • Top Stitch prints the best tee-shirt...

More custom tees

Direct To Garment Printing (D.T.G.)

Direct To Garment printing is the process of jetting water based ink directly to the surface of a printable material, instead of printing a transfer which would then be heat pressed to the material. This method means there are no screen set-up, tear-down, clean-up, screens, squeegee's, or colour separation expenses. However, D.T.G. printing is not intended for use on all garment types. The inks tend to work best when applied to 100 percent cotton. It's additionally vital to know that not all cotton fabrics is created equal. We have a tendency to trust in and advocate the use of AS Colour shirts.

Screen printing

Screen printing is an age-old printing method whereby a design is added to a mesh screen. Certain areas of the design are made impermeable to the ink and by wiping a squeegee back and forth across the screen it transfers ink to the material. This forces the ink deep into the material fibers. The garment is then heat pressed, so the ink fuses permanently to the material. This forms a robust, permanent versatile bond. We only use the best quality durable inks for a longer lasting print.

Sublimation Printing

Full dye sublimation printing is ideal for production runs and prints that need multiple colours and photographic imagery on white or light polyester fabrics. Sublimation will bring your full colour designs to life with brilliant and bright permanent colour which won't fade. Sublimation printing uses heat and pressure to turn the solid dye particles into a gas. This bonds to any polymers present and then changes back into a solid.

Talk to our friendly team about the what's best method of printing your design to a garment. Contact us today for a free quote and friendly advice about your custom printed tee.