Corporate Wear & Apparel

Buy 10 or more of the same item and receive a 10% discount off the catalogue price. 

When you have uniform requirements of a higher end nature, let Top Stitch create a  corporate identity  with your own branding, that is exclusive to your company. A professional corporate look shows that your staff are ready to do business. Customers cannot help but be impressed by a professionally presented member of staff in branded  corporate wear . We have in stock a large range of corporate wear and apparel. There's no need to look elsewhere, when you can come and view the real thing at one convenient location.

Corporate Wear

Top Stitch believes when it comes to corporate wear, that apparel quality is extremely important. The longer a garment lasts, the more value you will get from your investment. We take care to select garments that will be comfortable and appropriate for your staff. Getting the right sized garments for employees is critical for their comfort, and to ensure they look smart. We check the sizing of each employee, and possibly even measure them, in order to get the best possible results.

Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, when it comes to selecting the right garments, fabrics and finishes, Top Stitch will help you to find the right corporate clothing solution at the right price .

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